Affiliate Program for Paint & Scratch Repair

Earn Cash by Promoting Quick Chip Repair!

If you would like to increase revenue and earn money by promoting Quick Chip Repair, our Affiliate Program is perfect for you!

You can make money simply by distributing flyers, adding a link to your website, posting or tweeting, and sky writing.  Okay, maybe not skywriting, but whatever you can do to get the word out!


Affiliate Program Rates

Paint Chip Repair                 Retail $69  Your Payout $10

Scratch Repair                      Retail $69  Your Payout $10

Headlight Restoration         Retail $49  Your Payout $6

Plastic Trim Restoration      Retail $29  Your Payout $4

With no investment, no labor and not risk, you have the potential to earn $30 with every referral who becomes a customer of Quick Chip Repair.

*Monthly payouts.  Some restrictions apply.  Quick Chip Repair reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.  

Auto Detailing in Clearwater Paint & Scratch Repair in Clearwater Paint & Scratch Repair in Largo

What is An Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is a way for you or your business to earn cash by referring customers to Quick Chip Repair (727-642-3189).  Think of it as becoming an active sales person for QCR.  You get paid each time someone uses your unique promotion code and purchases services from QCR.  We give you a portion of the profit for each successful transaction.  

How do I Sign Up?

Email us ( or call us (727-642-3189) to have an Affiliate Program application form emailed to you.   Or DOWNLOAD the form found at the bottom of the page.

Ideas for Generating Excitement and Business!

Business Owners:  

Use this as a way to generate additional cash to reward your employees.  Give them a financial spiff, bonus or treat them to a meal or event.

Use these funds as a way to purchase that much needed equipment that you've not had the money to pay!

Use these funds to benefit a local charity or organization (soccer team, school, church or shelter).


Use these funds to purchase new uniforms or equipment or supplies.

Religious Organizations and Charities:

Use these funds to purchase much needed supplies, sponsor an event, fund a missionary, sponsor a child or reward your leader with a financial gift.