Quick Chip Repair
Quick Chip Repair
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    Quick Chip Repair Mobile Service


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    Quick Chip Repair Mobile Service - servicing dealerships in Pinellas and Pasco Counties

    Clean and well-kept cars sell faster and fetch a higher price.

    Our paint chip repair service will make your cars better than you thought possible, without spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars, on re-spraying the damaged panel or even the whole car!

    We will work your whole lot and fix all visible paint chips for a very reasonable price, generally below the competitor’s charge when they only fill a fraction of the chips. We have an exceedingly good reputation — both in quality of work and ethics. Many detail companies claim to fix your rock chips but the quality is generally so poor that it looks worse, or they simply say they’re doing it when they aren’t.

    We have technicians in the northeast and we are excited to launch our southwest Florida business.  As our way of earning your business, our dealer price is $39 (per vehicle) for everything we can find that we can fix. Rock chips and scratches devalue your inventory and under traditional methods are too costly to repair. If you have a bumper that needs sprayed, we can do that for you for approximately $100 per bumper.  We save our customer tens of thousands a dollars every month.


    Higher Profits with In-House Repairs!

    Time and Money Benefits

    No more wasted time on paint mixing

    Reduce body shop spraying and cost

    Work can easily be done right in the lot

    Be the first in your market to offer professional paint chip repair to your customers (Sell this to your customers as a way to make additional revenue.)

    Highlight of our System

    No color mixing, paint codes or spraying – Everything is provided

    Average chip and scratch repairs take less than 30 minutes

    No unsightly paint blobs

    Call, text or email us and we’ll personally be out to meet you and to do a free demo on one of your vehicles. 

    727-642-3189 or kirkblank@mail.com 

    We also do Headlight restoration as well as Plastic Trim restoration. 

    Dealer costs*:

    • Chip Repair: $39 per vehicle
    • Scratch Repair: $39 per vehicle
    • Headlamp Restoration: $29 per vehicle
    • Plastic Restoration: $19 per vehicle
    • Bumper Repair (Spray) $100

    We are eager to serve you.


    *Larger vehicles, trucks, commercial vehicles and classic vehicles will be quoted per vehicle.